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Monday, 27 June 2016

Released tomorrow!  Here! Yes, really!

It seems to have crept up on me a bit (that's what going away will do for you...), but Can't Buy Me Love releases as a Choc Lit Lite book available for Kindle tomorrow!  It was previously published as Reversing Over Liberace in the US, but it's been updated and titivated and had the crumbs brushed off and a spat-on hanky wiped over its face, and now becomes available to everyone!

It's about Willow who has..err...issues when it comes to attractive men.  When she literally runs into Luke, who she had a mad (apparently unreciprocated) crush on all through University, and he asks her out..well, would you turn it down?  He's still gorgeous, still sexier than hell, and this time round he wants her.

None of this has ever happened to me, sadly.  Men seem extraordinarily resistant to my charms (except Tony. I'm working on him. And I have high hopes of Tom Hiddleston too, although I may have to work a bit harder there).
Look at his little face, LOOK AT IT! 
Sigh. Oh well, there's always chloroform...
So when Willow is swept off her feet by Luke, wined, dined and romanced, well, she's a gonner, obviously.  But then her new friend Cal, a computer geek and all round weirdo, throws some doubt on Luke's intentions...

Tom Hiddleston could take my house, Tony can have my hand in marriage. They can have any kind of ulterior motives. I'm not proud...  But, then again, my house leaks and I've been known to...well, anyway, Willow is more of a catch than I am.

If you want to know what Luke's true motives are, and whether Cal is right or wrong to be suspicious of him, you'll have to read the book!  However, if you just want to ogle Tom and Tony...'re welcome.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Swamp Thing, Can't Buy Me Love, and Tom Hiddleston. Because..why not?

Another quick, late blog - oh dear, I do hope this isn't going to become a 'thing'... I mean a thing, like something I do often, not a 'thing' like a big blobby swamp monster.  If my blog should become a 'thing' then I hope it would have the decency to be a pale, thin, quite picturesque wafty thing, not all green with tentacles, because that would be just SO obvious.

All of the yeses
*wanders off for a bit of a lie down*

Anyway, how do big blobby swamp monsters like the one above eat their dinner?  How do they find their mouths?  I have enough trouble managing to poke food into my own face, and that's got a pretty straightforward arrangement of features - yet I still manage to get a large percentage of any given dinner down my front.  All those tentacles must be a nightmare, especially if you were eating spaghetti, you'd find you'd eaten half your own face, surely?  And the sauce would get splattered everywhere, you'd have to redecorate after a tomato-based meal...

Okay.  So my blog isn't a swamp monster.  Unfortunately, neither is it Tom Hiddleston. But it is where I tell you about things, so now is a good time to mention that 'Can't Buy Me Love' (which was originally published as 'Reversing Over Liberace', but has been updated and generally re-titivated) is out on 28th of June, from Choc Lit, for your Kindle.
So in two short weeks this little lovely could be on your reading device!  Go on, buy it now.  Or I'll send Cthulu round.

You're not getting Tom Hiddleston.  He's mine.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

I say a sad farewell...

Sorry this post is late. It will also be short and sweet.

It's a memoriam for the biggest, best old dog that ever lived - children's friend and protector, my companion through life for fourteen years, village guardian and general all round Good Dog.

He left us on Monday, quietly and without fuss as he did everything, and will be much missed not just by our family but by an entire community.

Go and chase those rabbits on the other side, Dylan, my best old boy.  Fetch those balls and run through the sea.  I know I'll see you again.

RIP, the Best Dog In The World