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Saturday, 25 April 2020

Not being possessed by a demon

Ooh it's been a while since I had anything to report, hasn't it? It's been a quiet time on the publishing front, although, rest assured, I have been scribbling away like a person possessed. Actually only possessed of a very literary demon though, I mean, if I were possessed by something else it would be pointless, as I'd have pages and pages of


which I haven't. Or, if I have, my editors have been too polite to point out.


There is news!

I have signed a four book deal with the lovely Boldwood Books and the first of the four will be coming out in September.

In August, 'Seagull Summer' will be published by Farrago. 
It's a book about a seagull. And summer, obviously. I mean, there's other things, a book about a seagull wouldn't be that gripping, I wouldn't have thought. Lots of 'fly fly fly fly, steal chips, fly fly' going on.

And, with all this lockdown thingie, I am hoping I shall squeeze in the time to finish my Otherworlders trilogy of books, that started with Vampire State of Mind then went on to Falling Apart. These follow the adventures of Jessica Grant, who works in the underfunded Otherworld Liason office at York City Council, trying to keep the vampires under control. The third book is tentatively entitled Even Demons, but don't quote me on that.

So. There's that.

In other news, I've moved house. Not very far, but I am now ensconced (can you be ensconced if you aren't a candle? I am choosing to be ensconced because I like the word. And am also waxy with a tendency to drip) in my lovely little cottage with your actual heating and double glazing and the world's most annoying dog. With whom I shall leave you a picture. With.I shall leave you of a picture with whom...

Look, here's a picture of the dog.